Thursday, June 23, 2011

Beach Day!

DISCLAIMER: If talk about topless old women and old men in speedos makes you uncomfortable (which let's be honest, IT SHOULD, but I'm so witty that you really should read this), DO NOT READ THIS BLOG.

So I'd like to start this off by letting everyone know that apparently my ideas for good and catchy titles for our blog posts are NOT appreciated in this crowd.  This crowd being my dad.  He suggested: Beach Day.  Ok.  Cool dad.  That's SO BORING.  But when we tried to think of other fun ideas, I got suggestions such as: Fun at the Beach with Dick and Jane.  WHAT.  We don't know anyone named Dick and Jane and the whole "let's put an activity and then fill it in with generic names" thing went out like FOREVER ago.  So.  Because I was afraid of being mocked trying to find a good title, we stuck with the original.  Beach Day.  So here.  BEACH DAY.

Laying out on the beach! My shoulders were starting to burn, so like a true white girl, I put on a long sleeve shirt so I could continue to tan my legs.

Our view from the beach!!!  There were speed boats going in and out all day taking people out to tube and waterski and parasail! I think maybe my mom and I are gonna try parasailing :)

Beachy Joe!  Small story about the chairs.  We had to rent chairs and a beach umbrella for the day and we NEVER HEARD THE END OF IT.  "Grumble grumble grumble thirteen dollars a day to sit on the beach, grumble grumble.  Gotta stay here all day and get our moneys worth grumble grumble."

Mama at the beach!  Another thing I'd like to point out: I was good and did as I was told and reapplied my sunscreen during the day so I didn't get sunburned.  SOMEONE didn't follow their own advice and now kind of resembles a lobster.  Or a crab.  Or some other red sea creature.

I laid down on my shirt with my wet swimsuit top.  Lucky for me, when I rolled over, my wet spots were about 6 inches down from where they should have been so they looked like 90 year old lady boobs. AWESOME

A view of the castle!! Can't wait to go up there.

So when we were picking pictures for the blog, I suggested that maybe we could find a better one than this because THE UMBRELLA POLE IS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PICTURE.  However. Joseph said.  "It's a shot of the beaaacchhhh, Rachel.  A whole view of the beeaccchhhh.", complete with sweeping hand motions.  Who got shot down again? I DID.
I was also instructed in this blog, to speak about the rocks on the beach.  Now, normal people, such as myself, would simply describe this beach as "rocky" or "stony".  Not Geologist Joe.  He queried throughout the day, "I wonder why there's so much pebble and cobble detritus on this beach. I must find that out."  Why not just ask, "Why are there so many rocks here?".

Also.  There were ENTIRELY too many old women at the beach who thought it was acceptable to tan topless.  *Clears throat*  Announcement.  To all the old women on this island.  Unless your breasts will stay up by themselves without the help of a super large over the shoulder boulder holder or you have super beautiful tan movie star skin, PUT YOUR CLOTHES BACK ON.  I do NOT want to see your breasts.  I just don't.  They are wrinkly and saggy and SCARY LOOKING.

Another note.  Unless you look like these men:
YOU SHOULD NOT BE WEARING A SPEEDO.  Yes I am talking to you, you old old old OLD man.  Are you over 65? YES.  Are you very very wrinkly? YES.  Do you have a large large belly from many years of Greek food and ouzo? YES.  Because you answered yes to all these questions, that means, DING DING DING, you do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, have the right to be wearing a speedo.

After our beach day, we came back and just lazed around the house! We made a delicious fresh dinner:
Pan sauteed eggplant, a big fresh salad with tomatoes, onion, red bell peppers, and feta, and fresh bakery bread and goat's cheese! SO. GOOD.

My parents at our table on the terrace :)
I think we're going back to the beach today! My only hope is that there will be more appropriate bathing suit choices made by the beach clientele.

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  1. I got really excited because I thought maybe those men WERE ON YOUR GRECIAN BEACH. i was like, holy shit, i'm MOVING TO GREECE. bummer.

    ooo, also that dinner looks good. :)