Wednesday, June 22, 2011

First Day in Molivos!

We had a lovely first day in Molivos.  We left the apartment around 12:30 (our jet lagged bodies didn't move quite as quickly as we anticipated) and went out to explore town!  There are so many little shops and restaurants and markets here.  All of the streets are made out of cobblestones and there are blooming flowers and green plants everywhere!

We took a picture of our street so we could make sure we remembered how to get home!

We came back to the house and had a delicious lunch of fresh pastries from the bakery and sliced tomatoes! We thought about going to the beach, but we were all super tired and had to take a three hour nap instead :)
When we woke up, we decided to go out for a celebratory birthday dinner for my parents!!!  We went to Galliano's, an Italian/Greek restaurant that is owned by Richard and Lana (the people that own the villa we're renting).  Note: I think we're really staying in more of an apartment but I'm gonna continue to call it a villa.  A) because I really like the word villa and b) because I think it makes it sound more important.  Or snazzier.  Or something.
Mama and I on the way to dinner!

A beautiful view from our walk down to the harbor!

<3 my mama!

A fishing boat in the harbor!

A view of the castle from the harbor!  

Joe and I have got posing for pictures DOWN.

Parents at our celebratory birthday dinner!
The restaurant was perfectly lovely! The food was SO good.  We had baked mushrooms, avocado and orange salad, pizza with anchovies, feta, tomatoes, olives, and onions, and yoghurt with honey and nuts for dessert! I know eating here is probably gonna be my favorite part.
Another fantastic part of our vacation so far has been the plethora of YouTube videos available to us.  Here are a few of our current favorites:

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