Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Weee'reeee backkkkkk!

Here's the second part of our blog catch-up extravaganza! Since you missed us so much the first time, then you must be JUST ecstatic that we're doing a two-parter!

The castle on our way out!

A pretty church that we could see on our way down from the castle!
In case you were wondering, I conquered those steps.  I conquered them hard.
Lawrence of Arabia Joe meets a real person.  Typical.  Typical Joe and Rachel behavior.
The entrance to the woodworking shop! We went to their house for dinner on Sunday night.
Mama and I walking in for our dinner! They have such a lovely home.
The field behind Philippa and Eric's house.  It was so beautiful and we had the loveliest evening.  We sat around and talked, played with their three dogs, saw a baby hedgehog, ate a beautiful dinner that Philippa made for us, and Elleni (their daughter) played the guitar and I sang.
The last few days have been really lazy! We went to the beach on Monday and Tuesday, but it was too chilly to stay both days.  The wind has been blowing a lot and it's been really cloudy.  But here are some pics from the last few days!
We took a picnic lunch to the beach! My dad got up to take a picture and caught me with all of the food in my lap.
My mom, all covered up at the beach.  Swaddled really.  A) Because she was chilly.  B) Because SOMEONE (aka her) got all kinds of sunburned and wasn't allowed to have any sun exposure at the beach.
I've become a fan of making random whiny noises.  They tend to irritate people around me.  Aka, my parents.  But I think it's fun.  My dad caught this super attractive picture of me.  
A better picture of us at lunch!
Joe has the best picture poses!

Joe and I at our lunch by the sea!
Beautiful sunset we could see from our porch! There were so many cool clouds!

Mama at dinner! We've found our new favorite food for sure.  It's pita bread stuffed with meat (if you're into that sort of thing, which I'M NOT because I'm a veggie-saurus), french fries, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, onion, and cheese. OHMYGODSOGOOD.
Me at dinner!

Papa Joe and I at dinner!

I can't help it.  Just straight thuggin'.

There's an open air cinema in Molivos! We went last night to see Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.  Joe and I couldn't remember what the title of the movie was.... "On ebbing and flowing tides? On the in and out tides? On waving tides?"  Stranger.  Gee, that was a tough one.

Joe and I before the movie started!  
We're off now, to get some pitas for lunch and shop! Happy reading!


  1. OMGOSH THAT PITA THING IS CALLED A SCHWARMA!! they have them all over the place in spain and they just LOVE them. dara loved them. she got them all the time haha

  2. That picture of Joe is my all-time favorite. Seriously, I want to frame it at hobby lobby.