Monday, July 4, 2011

Last few days in Molivos :(

We've had a lovely last few days in Molivos! Everything's just been really relaxed.  Here's some photos from our last few days!

We had a pita picnic on the beach on Saturday evening.  BEAUTIFUL sunset :)

Beautiful picture that Joe took of the sunset!

Post our pita pig out!

Our last full breakfast in Molivos! We had fresh pastries, oranges, bananas, pears, yoghurt with honey (in case anyone is curious, in German, it's yoghurt mit honing.  German is such a beauuutiful language.), and cucumber, onion, and feta salad! So good!

On Sunday evening, we went out for our last dinner in Molivos!

Mama and I before we headed out to Galliano!

Joe and Mama :)

Me and the Joe man!

Mama fanning herself at dinner.  She got a bit warm on the walk down.

Mama and Joe at our lovely table on the terrace!

So we go to take a picture together, and Joe starts biting his hand. .......  We were a bit confused.  But then we just decided to turn it into a pose!

Joe and I at dinner :) Waiting hungrily for our appetizer! We forgot to take a picture, but we had avocado and orange salad and insalata mozzarella (mozzarella slices with tomatoes and basil/lettuce and a nutty pesto sauce). So yummy!

Mama had the Chicken Delizia over tagliatelle pasta!

I think I had the best dish.  I had tortellini stuffed with ricotta cheese and pear and covered in a pesto, pine nut, and basil sauce :)

Joe had the grilled beef fillet with spicy tomato sauce and fries and salad :)

OK.  I've been laying out EVERY TIME we've been to the beach.  I've been wearing sunscreen, but I've been working really really hard on my tan.  WHY IS JOE SO MUCH TANNER THAN I??? HE WEARS A T-SHIRT AT THE BEACH FOR GOODNESS SAKES!  It's just not fair.  It's not.

Sleeping in on the last morning of the trip :)

Today has been another slightly frazzled packing day in the Hoovler villa.  We're going to have pitas for lunch (we really are obsessed) and then just wait for the taxi to come get us so we can get on the overnight ferry to Athens!  We're sad to be leaving Molivos, HOWEVER, here are some things I won't miss.

1.  THE TINY SHOWER.  Read the last blog if you want to know WHY I won't miss it.
2.  That might actually be it.  I think really the tiny shower is the only thing that bothers me.

Here's what we will miss :)

1.  The view from our terrace
2.  Walking up to the bakery for fresh pastries
3.  Going to the beach :)
4.  Did I mention the view from the terrace?
5.  Lana and Richard Bosley, our hosts 
6. Fresh seafood
7.  The castle!
8.  "The time spent together in a beautiful place"- Papa Joe :)
9.  Relaxing around our villa
10. Being able to call someplace we live a villa
12. Being within walking distance of everything!

We've had the most wonderful relaxing vacation.  It's just been so beautiful and wonderful.  Happy 4th of July!  More blogging to come for our vacation in Athens! Happy reading! :)

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